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Cheval des Andes

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Cheval des Andes has a vision to bring Château Cheval Blanc’s winemaking philosophy, which focuses on cellaring potential and elegance, to Argentina. The inspiration came from the dream of founder and President of Château Cheval Blanc and Cheval des Andes Pierre Lurton to follow the original Malbec vines from Bordeaux to Argentina. Pierre believes Cheval des Andes makes wines that age gracefully and “travel through the decades."

Cheval des Andes wines are a unique style and a blend of Malbec grapes and Bordeaux varietals – an ensemble with the exuberance of Malbec balanced by the temperance of Cabernet Sauvignon, completed with hints of Petit Verdot. The wine of Cheval des Andes combines the vibrant and intense expression of Argentinian Malbec with the rigour, elegance and savoir-faire of a great Bordeaux.

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