OWASP Cuddalore


Welcome to Owasp Cuddalore chapter Homepage. We are located in a beautiful state of India called Tamil Nadu. The main motive of this chapter is to enrich infosec community in our place.


Due to COVID-19 All events will be conducted through Online.

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Past Events

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May 3rd 2020 Sunday Getting Started with CyberSecurity Online Webinar β€”
May 17th 2020 Sunday Reverse Engineering For beginners Online Webinar Download
Jul 5th 2020 Sunday The significance of mobile exploit application Online Webinar View Slide
Aug 30th 2020 Sunday Getting Started with Boot 2 Root CTF Challenges Online Webinar β€”
Dec 27th 2020 Sunday Bash and Recon Online Webinar Video
April 14th - April 18th 2021 Pentesting Playground Online Webinar Comming Soon