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Laurent-Perrier Champagne is based on the art of blending: the blending of grape varieties, the blending of Crus and the blending of years. Beyond rare vintages, Laurent-Perrier brings this art to a peak with Grand Siècle.

Chardonnay is the basis of the Laurent-Perrier style. This grape variety brings Brut Sans Année from “La Cuvée” to the House’s Champagnes with the most prestigious Cuvées bringing the freshness, the elegance and purity that make the Laurent-Perrier style so distinct.

Laurent-Perrier has been avant-garde in creating unique and elegant Champagne for nearly 200 years with the Cuvée Rosé being their world-leading rosé .

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As the UK’s premier retailer of champagne, we believe the world of champagne, fine wines and spirits should be open to everyone. We are dedicated to providing every customer with the opportunity to share in our passion.

We believe The Champagne Company has something for everyone, from connoisseurs and the most discerning of Champagne devotees to those just stepping into the distinct world of Champagne for a special occasion, party or for the pure enjoyment of sharing Champagne with friends.

We provide an exceptional Corporate Gift Service for companies wishing to send out gifts to Customers or Clients throughout the year, whether as a Thank you, Christmas or New Year gift or simply just because they have been great to work with!

We aspire to fulfill Customer needs with welcoming, inspiring advice, an unparallelled breadth of products, and impeccable, trusted service.


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