Rumours about Alcatel’s upcoming Windows 10 Mobile superphone are growing day by day. Earlier their were reports that company’s Windows 10 mobile flagship will be called the Idol 4 Pro and Idol Pro 4. Alcatel is now giving this device a name that was earlier also associated with android smartphone. The Phone will be branded as Idol 4S with Windows 10. Idol 4S is an Android smartphone from Alcatel which is already available.

Windows 10 mobile variant is a lot more powerful then the Android variant. Here’re the device specs:
◾5.5-inch Full HD
◾Qualcomm Snapdragon 820
◾4GB of RAM
◾64GB internal storage
◾21MP rear camera
◾8MP front camera
◾Continuum for phone support
◾3000 mAh battery
◾Coming to T-Mobile in the US

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