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Microsoft announced its plan to put the Mail and Calendar app to rest in favor of the new Outlook. It started as a simple nudge to promote the new Outlook app and allow users to try it. But all the Windows 11 devices released in 2024 will include the new Outlook app as the default mail app.

You will now see a GIF when using the Mail and Calendar app, prompting you to switch to the new Outlook. Click the Continue button to make the transition, or politely decline the offer by clicking the Not Now button. Even if you automatically migrate to the new Outlook app, you can revert to the old app.

The old Mail and Calendar app will remain on the Microsoft Store until December 31, 2024. After that, you have no choice but to accept the new Outlook app with open arms. If you are adamant, you can download the package installer and keep using the Mail and Calendar app after 2024, but it won’t receive updates or support.

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What’s Good and Bad About the New Outlook?

Apart from the slightly revamped user interface and support for Windows 11 and 10, you can now pin emails or snooze them for later. Adding categories and scheduling emails is also possible.

The new Outlook is a web app that lacks some features supported by the existing Outlook and Mail apps.

You will find the Calendar and To-do list in the My Day section. It supports connecting Microsoft 365, Outlook, and third-party email accounts like Gmail and Yahoo. We faced no issues while logging in with a personal Microsoft account.

my day section in new outlook

The new Outlook doesn’t support PST files, but Microsoft assures that it will do so in the future. You cannot use COM add-ins; offline support is missing from the picture. It also lacks POP3 support without indicating whether it will fix the flaw.

A connection error occurs if you launch the new Outlook app without an internet connection. So, not everything is possible with the new Outlook, and it won’t overshadow the desktop Outlook app.

connection error new outlook

Users are divided on the idea of the new Outlook app.

Some love the new UI and features, while others despise the idea of removing the Mail and Calendar app in favor of a web app that needs the internet, even to check existing emails. However, the decision is final, and you must migrate to the new app, whether you like it or not.

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