Windows 11 KB5036980 update issues

Most people do not care about optional Windows updates, but that’s not the case with Windows 11 KB5036980, which became a hot topic after we first spotted ads in the Start menu. Some people who installed the KB5036980 optional update are now running into new issues, and Microsoft has confirmed the reports.

In a Feedback Hub post first spotted by Windows Latest, several users complained that they’re getting 0x80070520 error messages when they try to change their account profile picture. The error is mostly experienced on devices with a local account only, which means you won’t run into it if you use a Microsoft account.

The error blocks users from changing the profile photo because Windows 11 can no longer save the picture in AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\AccountPictures. Here’s a screenshot from my device:

This picture couldn't be saved
This picture couldn’t be saved error | Image Courtesy:

Microsoft has updated the Feedback Hub post to confirm that it’s aware of the reports and has already made changes in internal builds. This means the May 2024 optional update should fix it in the preview builds, and June 2024 Patch Tuesday will patch the bug for everyone.

Windows 11 0x80070520 profile photo error
0x80070520 profile photo error confirmed by Microsoft | Image Courtesy:

I originally spotted and highlighted the broken profile photo setting in KB5036893, which was released on April 9 as a mandatory Patch Tuesday update.

It turns out the bug is also present in KB5036980, which is in the news for the Start menu ads. This time, it is more widespread. In other words, if you did not experience any problems after the April 2024 Patch Tuesday, it is more likely that you will encounter the error with the KB5036980 optional update.

In a statement, Microsoft’s support staff told me the company is investigating error code 0x80070520 when users change their profile picture from Start > Settings > Accounts > Your info and then select Choose a file.

Microsoft confirmed the 0x80070520 error affects the last two Windows 11 updates: KB5036893 (mandatory) and KB5036980 (optional update which adds ads to the Start menu).

“We are working on a resolution and will provide an update in an upcoming release,” the company added.

0x80070520 is not a new error code; it’s been around since the early days of Windows 8, and it’s typically associated with the Microsoft Store.

How to fix the broken profile photo settings in Windows 11

If you’re seeing “Account picture error. This picture couldn’t be saved. Additional problem information: Error Code: 0x80070520 Correlation ID: {89792324-C863-402D-A615-2C06B63E2883}” message, you can fix it by following these steps:

  1. Open File Explorer and paste the following directory in the address bar:
  2. C:\Users\placeyourusername\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\AccountPictures
    Fix Windows 11 0x80070520 profile photo error
  3. Manually copy and upload the profile photo in .png format. For example, you can upload dogs.png, and Windows will use the image as your computer’s profile photo.
    Windows 11 KB5036980 issues
  4. Reboot your device, and a new profile photo will reflect everywhere.

Other issues in KB5036980 optional update

It’s worth noting that KB5036980 is an optional cumulative ‘preview’ update, which means it won’t download or install automatically unless you manually go to Settings and click “Download & Install” under the update.

Start menu ads in Windows 11 Build 22631.3527
Start menu ads in Windows 11 Build 22631.3527 | Image Courtesy:

KB5036980 is an interesting update because it adds ads to the Start menu, but in the worst case, it could wreck some devices.

As reported by folks on Reddit, Windows 11’s optional April update broke their PC with a black screen for several hours. Another user pointed out they had to reinstall Windows after installing the botched update.

“Yep it broke my PC, I had to reset the CMOS to get it into recovery and reinstall windows. Now it’s doing the same shit. Gonna roll back as soon as I can get back in. (Assuming I don’t have to reinstall again),” one affected user noted in a post.

Windows Latest has also received a report from one user who experienced BSODs after the update, but I don’t think these issues are widespread.

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